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Federal judge: Sanitizing Movies is illegal

We Gizmodians like our instruments shiny and our videos uncut, however a lot of folks are looking to censor films, cutting them up the way they see fit. but a federal judge in Colorado sided with the administrators Guild of america, saying no, third parties can’t edit after which re-unencumbered videos with the naughty words… Read More »

Cannes Units ‘hands of Stone’ Particular Screening as Tribute to Robert De Niro

ARIS – Jonathan Jakubowicz’s “arms of Stone,” some of the Weinstein enterprise’s greatest swings of 2016, will get hold of an authentic alternative particular Screening at this year’s Cannes competition as a tribute to Robert De Niro. Screening will be held within the Palais des festivals’ Grand Theatre Lumière. Produced, disbursed and bought internationally by… Read More »

Filmmaker freedom from Netflix and Amazon is ‘overrated,’ CBS CEO Leslie Moonves says

For filmmakers and TV producers, Netflix and different digital media gamers offer some oft-touted perks. They pay match sums of cash for their customary motion pictures and tv shows, and, some argue, give their filmmakers extra freedom than the normal system. however don’t inform that to CBS Corp. Chief executive Leslie Moonves. “Autonomy is overrated,” the govt spoke of… Read More »

What’s up?

HERE ARE THE TOP 10 MOVIES OF ALL TIME Hey what’s up? and welcome to Media Strasbourg, the number one blog on Movies and Televisions. In this blog we are going to be talking about 10 best movies on television, Netflix, Movie theater and so on. My love for everything media related has led me… Read More »